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Couples Therapy in Scottsdale, AZ

Humans are social beings who adore being in the right relationships. However, things don’t always go as planned. Even the most fulfilling relationships can experience problems, and couples may face challenges overcoming them alone. This is where they should consider the professional guidance and support of a licensed therapist.

Generally, in relationships, couples tend to repeat some behavioral patterns. Sometimes, this can lead to a healthy relationship but other times your relationship can take a destructive turn due to these patterns. When it takes a negative turn, it can be a frustrating and the most discouraging place for two people to stay together.

I am a Scottsdale-based licensed couple therapy professional who can help all couples identify their relational patterns. My aim is to improve their emotional expression by helping them fill the communication gap. I specialize in rebuilding relationships between couples who have faced different challenges and hardships such as cheating.

What is Couples Therapy?

While couples therapy is not an entirely new concept, more couples are starting to explore this therapy recently. Basically, it refers to a therapy aimed at resolving couples’ conflicts and improving their relationship. If you feel your relationship with your partner is deteriorating you should take advantage of couples therapy with my services.

Broadly speaking, a relationship may deteriorate due to any reason including a lack of communication, defensiveness, and criticism. I have been a licensed couple’s therapist for decades and have helped countless couples resolve conflicts by introducing better communication channels and methods between the two. 

No couple can be immune from this relationship drama or this rollercoaster ride, especially if they remain committed for the long term. Even the most beautiful and mature relationship takes some work at times. According to me, many of these problems that couples face on a daily basis can easily be solved with some exercises. 


​My extensive experience helps to identify patterns or behaviors harming a couple’s relationship. During this therapy, both partners must attend together so I can work better with them and identify issues disrupting their relationship. All my previous clients reported a significant improvement in their relationship quality only after a few sessions.

Whether you’re a married couple, dating each other, or you belong to the LGBTQ community, everyone can be highly benefited from Custer Counseling’s couples therapy. Since I’m a licensed professional holding years of experience in this field, I know what exactly it takes to fix a relationship. 

Results You Can Expect with
My Couples Therapy Sessions

Every couple faces a unique set of challenges, but it doesn’t mean the problems cannot be solved. While it is not easy to talk about things bothering you and your partner, it may often be the only thing you need to improve your relationship with your partner. Having an open line of communication and being truthful is key and avoids silence.

Over the years, I have deployed various scientifically-backed methods to help couples resolve their problems and give their relationship a second chance. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance, in reality, no one is perfect, we all make mistakes and have to fall down to the bottom sometimes before we can pick ourselves back up.

Most couples face turbulence in their loving relationship because of a lack of communication. Some stop communicating enough because of work stress while others have their own reasons. Through my therapy, you will learn powerful ways to prioritize your relationship and work together to make your relationship work better and stronger.

You can expect the following results when you sign-up for my couples therapy sessions:


My couple’s therapy sessions are designed to re-establish the lost communication between partners, helping them better understand each other. My communication techniques will teach you how to effectively listen to your partner and make them feel heard and well-understood.


Not understanding each other is often a by-product of improper communication. When you follow the strategies and tools shared in the therapy sessions, you can better understand your partner and their desires or needs. It eventually builds empathy in both of you and also develops the compassion necessary for a healthy relationship.

Strengthened Commitment

You need a strong commitment to making a relationship work. If you feel you or your partner is lacking this commitment, taking couples therapy can solve the problem. I follow a unique therapy style designed especially to strengthen commitment in a healthy way by helping couples talk about the things they avoid while facing the truth. 

When Should You Book For Couples Therapy?

There are times when a relationship will seem stressful. You may feel like leaving your partner, not talking to them, or not having the energy to solve the issues together. In such circumstances, only a couples therapist can help you out. Often, I’ve seen that the difficulties between couples are pretty common and can be solved with proper help. 


If you experience any of the following, then it’s important to book couples therapy for the following examples:

Too Many Arguments 


Having arguments in a relationship is pretty common. You may disagree with something and argue a little. However, there’s a limit or boundary that should be respected by both partners. If you think you both are constantly crossing that limit on every little argument, then it’s time to consult a therapist because arguments can cause grudges.


When arguments become loud and verbally abusive, they can lead to domestic abuse charges and even protection orders for the one you love the most. My professional couples therapy sessions can help repair damage caused by mundane arguments and restore your relationship back to a loving and caring friendship.

Take Healthy Steps Toward Recovery With My Couples Therapy

A relationship will always work if both partners try hard to make it work. If you want to stop your relationship from crumbling but don’t have the right guidance for it, sign-up for my couple’s therapy sessions, and you won’t be disappointed. I have the experience and use my own past history to better help those who want better relationships.

I have extensive knowledge of different types of couple’s therapy like CBT & EFT and know what works for different couples. Therefore, you can have an expert’s guidance with you to make your relationship work and live a fulfilled life together. If you have any questions regarding my couple’s therapy, contact Greg Custer to get immediate help.

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