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Individual Counseling in Scottsdale, AZ

The fast-evolving world has made people tangled in numerous problems. While people are now more well-connected to others worldwide through technology, they are increasingly getting out of touch with their own selves and inner thoughts. It has led to growing cases of mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and various others.

A common misconception about mental health problems is it only targets people belonging to a specific age group, which isn’t true. Anyone, anywhere, and for various reasons, can be diagnosed with mental health problems. It is where I come into the picture to help those living with various degrees of mental health concerns.

I am a Scottsdale-based licensed counselor with over two decades of experience. While it may seem difficult to cope with mental health disorders, I’m here to take you out of the problem. I offer skill-based therapy backed by science to help my clients overcome their mental health challenges through personalized one-on-one counseling sessions.  

What is Individual Counseling?

If you have never approached a professional counselor before, the concept of individual counseling can look brand new to you. For the uninitiated, it refers to one-on-one sessions between a licensed and experienced mental health professional and an individual patient, leading to a more personal experience and treatment.

The primary aim of the counseling is to assist patients in managing their mental health challenges by developing effective yet personalized coping skills and improving their overall health condition. Whether you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, stress, or trauma I can help you get through it with my individual counseling.

In fact, I offer a safe space to people where they can share their stories without any fear of judgment, enabling me to better design a customized counseling session for maximum results. If you want the personal experience of individual counseling and a confidant, then you can have that with my services.

Reasons to Sign-Up for
My Individual Counseling Sessions

Sharing your influential or challenging memories can be tough and energy-draining, especially if you have a fear of judgment. It’s why I have designed my individual counseling sessions to help everyone better understand themselves, freely express their emotions, identify achievable goals, and help them achieve them. 

If you’re still wondering why you should sign-up for my individual counseling, the following counseling benefits associated with my sessions listed below should help you make an informed decision. They include:

Safe & Confidential Space

The biggest fear stopping people from approaching a licensed mental health counselor is the fear of being judged by others. It is natural to feel misunderstood, especially when experiencing mental health problems. This is the reason why I offer a judgment-free space to all my clients, leaving them to feel safe and secure. 

My clients can freely share their experiences, challenges, and other issues without any hesitation or judgment. It allows me to design highly effective personalized plans to improve their overall mental well-being and a better overall sense of well-being and healthier lifestyles and choices.

Effective Coping Skills

My individual counseling sessions will help you identify healthy coping skills to successfully manage your mental health issues. My coping skills are mostly centered on mindfulness practices, deep breathing exercises, and effective relaxation techniques. When the body and mind are relaxed, you can make better life decisions.

I always suggest healthy coping skills to help steer people away from unhealthy coping habits like emotional eating. This helps patients to recover quickly without facing many obstacles. Regardless of your situation or mental health problems, my individual counseling services will help you.

Personalized Treatment

Not everyone undergoes the same experience leading to a particular mental health problem. It is why personalized treatment is the need of the hour to see visible results. I design my counseling sessions to specifically match your needs. 

My customized counseling can help you identify the root cause of the existing problems, find the best coping mechanisms, and develop effective strategies that help you manage the symptoms of a particular mental health challenge.

Is Individual Counseling Really Needed?

If you want to tap into and unleash your highest potential but believe something is stopping you from achieving it, then yes. These roadblocks can be in terms of relationships, past memories, traumas, anxiety, depression, or any different form. 

For my individual counseling sessions, you will get the following:

Safe Space for Self-Exploration


The best part of my individual counseling sessions is that they give you a judgment-free environment to express your emotions freely. With every session, you will start exploring your inner world, gaining a better understanding of yourself. My goal is to make you more self-aware so that you confidently face and win life’s challenges at hand.

One of the hardest things there is to do in life is to take a look at yourself but with the right guidance and positive influences from my counseling services, this is highly attainable. I offer expert guidance for your safe space for self-exploration by providing a relaxing atmosphere and comfortable environment to conduct these meetings.

Improve Your Mental Wellness With My Individual Counseling

Finding the right therapist that understands your concerns and helps you gain insights into your behaviors, patterns, thoughts, feelings, and other emotions is crucial to overcome mental health challenges, resulting in a healthier life while making the right choices on your own without listening to other people who can’t correct themselves.

This is where my individual counseling sessions fill the gap. If you have any questions about my individual counseling sessions, call or contact me today and see why so many people find what they are looking for at Greg Custer’s individual counseling services.

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